Pujas at Thirunallar Temple

We offer pujas at Thirunallar Temple on your behalf and send you the prasadam.


Stop fearing effects of Saturn and Lord Saneeswara

Worshiping Lord Shani can reduce ill effects and increase the good effects

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Everybody is afraid of the harsh gaze of Shani Bhagawan. A person who is affected by the negative influence of Saturn faces a period of increased misfortune, hardship and delays. Astrological texts by great astrologers teach us how to reduce the malefic affects of Saturn and increase the benefits. Among several remedies to appease Shani Bhagawan the most important are:

  • Worship of Lord Shani and
  • Giving of donations to poor people

Who should offer pujas at Thirunallar Temple?

Saturn comes into the life of each and every person some time or other, depending upon the horoscope at the time of his birth. So everyone should worship Him. For the following categories of people it is all the more essential to worship Him

  • Those who are having the Saturn Dasa running. Its period is 19 years. Those who were born in the ‘Poosham, Anusham and Uttirattati Nakshtras, will have their first Dasa as ‘Sani’.
  • Those undergoing the 7 ½ year Shani (sade-sati shani or ezhara shani).
  • Those that are having Shani as Neecham in Mesham.
  • Those that are having Shani in the 4th, 7th, 10th (Kandaka) and 8th houses (Ashtama) from Raasi.
  • Those undergoing Sani Dasa.
  • Those born in Simha, Kanni and Thula Lagna

The above basically illustrates that all of us are under the influence of Saneeswara some time or other to varying degrees and worshipping him benefits the devotee.

order puja at thirunallar temple

Benefits of offering prayers to Lord Sani (Saneeswaran)

Offering prayers at this temple is believed to reduce the ill effects of Shani and increase the positive effects. For over thousand years Hindus have visited this temple and have found their misfortunes and bad luck to decrease as this is the only temple in the world where Lord Shani lost his power to Lord Shiva.

Worshipping of Lord Shani helps people to develop a positive mindset even during the harshest of Shani periods. While it is true that offering worship here decreases the difficult effects and increases the positive effects of Saturn it does not completely eliminate the hardships we will face due to Shani Bhagawan. The true benefit of offering prayers is to get a positive mental attitude that helps us understand the deeper lessons that Shani Bhagawan wants us to learn.

Saturn is known as the Celestial Taskmaster and the Grand Teacher. During the most difficult times we need to pray to Shani Bhagawan so he can help us learn the lessons he wants to teach. Worship will help us learn to benefit even from the biggest misfortunes that befall us. Worship of Lord Shani will help us benefit from great difficulties, challenges and limitations. It is through these hardships we will learn valuable lessons like discipline, responsibility, endurance, and the strength to pursue our dreams and ambitions. Saturn’s lessons require you to persevere through trials and to build toward mastery step by step.

order puja at thirunallar temple

We are here to offer pujas on your behalf:

It is not always possible to travel to the temple to offer pujas, don’t worry we are here for you.

If you order a puja through us we will ensure that:

  • We are personally present at the Thirunallar Temple to offer the puja on your behalf.
  • We will follow all prescribed rituals while performing the puja
  • We will let you know time and date of puja in advance so you can meditate or perform a small puja at home to connect at a spiritual and mental level.
  • In addition to the archanai performed by us we will pay the required fees for either the Sahasranama archanai or the Ashtothra archanai at the office of the temple. You will receive the prasadam directly from the temple.
  • We are here to answer any query for yours and are always willing to help.

order puja at thirunallar temple

 Worship of Lord Saneeswara at Thirunallar

Thirunallar is the holy place of Lord Sani Bhagawan. The Thirunallar temple is a Shiva Temple (Lord Shiva is known as Dharbaranyeshwarar here) but the main glory of the temple if Lord Shaniswara. This is the only temple in the world where Lord Shani lost his power to Lord Shiva in order to save his devotee Nala from Saturn’s curses. This belief is carried over even today and thousands of people visit this temple to get relief from misfortunes inflicted by Saturn.