About Us

We are a group of people who are armature astrologists and in the process of learning astrology we got fascinated by Lord Saneeswaran.

We have visited Thirunallar Temple on several occasions and we are attached to all the deities at the temple. From our experience, understanding Lord Shani, can be a life time quest and proper worship of Lord Saneeswaran can yield a variety of benefits mainly bestowing a positive and healthy mental attitude in the face of all difficulties. We have personally witnessed our lives turning positive with the grace of Lord Saneeswaran after worship at Thirunallar.

We have started this service to reach out to people across the world and help them offer prayers at Thirunallar so they can gain the same benefits we have received. We believe strongly that by offering this service to help other people we will receive more blessings from Lord Saneeswaran.

We are not professional astrologists and we will not be able to clear any doubt you may have regarding your astrological charts. For this we suggest you consult a good astrologer. Please do remember that most of the professed astrologers do not have the in depth knowledge required for a proper understanding of your horoscope. It is always advisable to consult an astrologer whom you feel comfortable with. One criteria for judging could be that a fake astrologer will insist on performing expensive homas and a genuine astrologer maybe able to suggest options that are free or relatively inexpensive.

We wish all of the very best in your quest for understanding Lord Shani Bhagawan. Such understanding will yield great benefits not only for this lifetime but also future lifetimes to come.

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