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Ashtothra Archana every month on the day of birth star for one year (PER PERSON):

Rs. 950 /-61 USD
Ashtothra Archana every saturday for one year (PER PERSON):

Rs. 2250 /-81 USD
Sahasranama Archana every month on the day of birth star for one year (PER PERSON) :

Rs. 5001 /-151 USD


Important Note: 

The rates for the puja vary from the temple rates as we have to cover extra costs of payment to gurukal, shipping of prasadam, our service charges etc.

Service Charges:

The service charges include puja from our side in addition to the puja you have paid for: 

We will visit the temple personally and perform an archanai and puja in your name. This will include offering all archanai items, a coconut, a small piece of black cloth and 2 oil lamps. The archanai and puja will be offered at the Sannishi of Lord Saneeswara.

Once this is done we will pay the requisite fees for either Ashtothra Archanai / Shasranamam Archanai in the office. Subsequently, the temple authorities will get the pujas performed according to the archanai dates and you will receive the prasadam directly from the temple.


We are a private service and are performing the pujas on your behalf in good faith. However, God works in mysterious ways and if on some occasions (God Forbid) your prayers are not answered we cannot be held legally responsible.