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Ashtothra Archana every month on the day of birth star for one year (PER PERSON):

Rs. 950 /-61 USD
Ashtothra Archana every saturday for one year (PER PERSON):

Rs. 2250 /-81 USD
Sahasranama Archana every month on the day of birth star for one year (PER PERSON) :

Rs. 5001 /-151 USD

All of the above pujas are offered at Saneeswaran Temple at Thirunallar


Navagraha Shanti Homa (Havan) with special Shani Preethi at Bangalore:

Since 2011 many devotees have requested our assistance to conduct Shani Shanti/Navagraha Shanti homas at Thirunallar Temple. However, it is very challenging to arrange for the homa directly at the temple.

As we continue to receive these requests and we understand the importance of offering these Homas we have identified a well-renowned priest, Satish Sastrigal, in Bangalore. Apart from being an expert in Hindu Sashtras and Sampradaya, he is also an expert in vedic astrology. This combination makes him best suited to offer Homas on behalf of devotees looking for ways to appease Shani and any other Graha.

The video below (in tamil) will give you an introduction to Satish Sastrigal:

Shani Shanti / Navagraha Shanti Homa:

Navagraha Shani Homa with special Shani Preethi is performed if when a person is experiencing constant challenges in their life. If in spite of all your best efforts and prayers you are not able to achieve happiness, peace or success chances are that you have a badly placed Saturn or any other planet in your horoscope.

Performing of  Navagraha Shanti Homa  with Shani Preethi provides the required mental and physical strength to a person to overcome hardships and obstacles that occur in their lives. It also makes a person progressive, brings success in all activities and brings happiness, wealth and health in life.

Below are the photos of the Shani Shanti/Navagraha Shanti Homa that we perform:





















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Important Note:

The rates for the puja vary from the temple rates as we have to cover extra costs of payment to gurukal, shipping of prasadam, our service charges etc.


We are a private service and are performing the pujas on your behalf in good faith. However, God works in mysterious ways and if on some occasions (God Forbid) your prayers are not answered we cannot be held legally responsible.