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Ashtothra Archana every month on the day of birth star for one year (PER PERSON):

Rs. 950 /-61 USD
Ashtothra Archana every saturday for one year (PER PERSON):

Rs. 2250 /-81 USD
Sahasranama Archana every month on the day of birth star for one year (PER PERSON) :

Rs. 5001 /-151 USD

All of the above pujas are offered at Saneeswaran Temple at Thirunallar


Recommended Books:

Understanding the power of Lord Saturn is the best protection against the malefic effects. A great way to develop your understanding is by reading books. The books listed below are some the the best books available on Saturn.

Shani Mahatmaya/ The Greatness of Saturn

This book contains the therapeutic myth about the greatness of Saturn which I believe is a must read, not just to understand Indian jyotish and culture but also to appreciate the existence of this energy and personality called Lord Saturn / Shani.

Robert Svoboda has made accessible this knowledge to everyone with his simple writing and deep understanding of Jyotish and in particular - The Great Lord Saturn.

A very powerful story about the legend of Saturn. This story is a translation of Shani Mahatmaya the ancient Vedic legend of the power of Saturn. By reading about this legend or by listening to this one can receive many therapeutic benefits during difficult transit periods.

Highly recommended for people who want to please Lord Saneeswaran.


Other books on Saturn

  1. Saturn In Transit: Boundaries of Mind, Body, and Soul

In this book Erin Sullivan outlines the natural cycles of Saturn and the transits over all the houses, angles, in quadrants and to natal planets with mythological analogies and a psychological insight.

One can use the narrative of this book to understand the significance of Saturn in one's own life.

In this book, the cycles of Saturn are explained together with other planets return or cycles within the same period of time with interpretations for these all combinations of planetary aspects, very helpful understanding of the most active astrological periods.

This book will allow you to establish the entire framework of your life under the useful and developmental influence of Saturn.

To many people, this book has become an invaluable tool. The information is especially useful if you are having a major Saturn transit specifically the hard aspects or transiting your ascendant. This book explains Saturn in its true manifestation as far as pitfalls and potentials.

I highly recommend this book, but be aware its best for people who already have a solid understanding of astrology.

2. Bhrigu Nadi Principles (Profession & Life Style Through Saturn & Jupiter) 

This book is meant for people who already have a basic understanding of astrology and this book is especially meant for those Saturn devotees who are also interested in Nadi Joshiyam.

This book is excellent for understanding deep-rooted methods of Bhrigu Nadi to pinpoint major career and life events.

Through this book, one can even understand the underlying relation of other planets with Jupiter and Saturn for deciphering major life transitions via Transit and natal placements.

The author has explained many principles that cannot be found in other Nadi books.

3. Saturn: Maladies and Remedies

This book contains all the stotras and the remedies to please Saturn. I would highly recommend this book to a person who is suffering from Sade Sati and different Antar-Dasha of Saturn.


Shani Preethi Homa at Bangalore

Since 2011 many devotees have requested our assistance to conduct Shani Shanti/Navagraha Shanti homas at Thirunallar Temple. However, it is very challenging to arrange for the homa directly at the temple.

As we continue to receive these requests and we understand the importance of offering these Homas we have identified a well-renowned priest, Satish Sastrigal, in Bangalore. Apart from being an expert in Hindu Sashtras and Sampradaya, he is also an expert in vedic astrology. This combination makes him best suited to offer Homas on behalf of devotees looking for ways to appease Shani and any other Graha.


Important Note:

The rates for the puja vary from the temple rates as we have to cover extra costs of payment to gurukal, shipping of prasadam, our service charges etc.


We are a private service and are performing the pujas on your behalf in good faith. However, God works in mysterious ways and if on some occasions (God Forbid) your prayers are not answered we cannot be held legally responsible.