Mangala Shani at Thiru Naraiyur, Kumbakonam

Thiru Naraiyur Mangala Shani (Auspicious Shani Bhagwan) is situated 10Km from Kumbakonam (Thiruvarur Route).

Here Shani Bhagwan gives his blessings sitting with his two consorts Jyesta Devi & Mandha Devi and with his two sons Mandhi and Kuligan.

Legend says Dasaratha Maha Chakravathry (Father of Lord Rama) was blessed by this Auspicious Shani Bhagwan.

Prayers to Mangala Shani will improve:

1. relationship with our spouse. This auspicious and familial aspect of Lord Saneeswaran will also fill our lives with mangala aspects.

2. People with Rohini Nakshatram are encouraged to seek pariharam in this temple

3. People with Saturn in 7th House can seek respite from marital difficulties by having a mere darshan of this mangala aspect of Lord Saneeswaran

4. Many businessmen offer prayers here for success in business as this aspect of Lord Saneeswaran is believed to give financial prosperity. financial

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